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Northern Virginia Moving Supplies

Moving Supplies

We stock a wide assortment of moving supplies to help you safely and efficiently pack and move your belongings, from your flat screen televisions to your fine china to your formal wear. We even offer short-term rental options for some larger items.

We also stock the other materials that you’ll need to do a proper job of packing up: protective coverings for your floors and furniture, bubble wrap and other essential packing materials.

Looking for packing services? See our residential or commercial moving pages.

Moving Supplies Northern Virginia Packing Labels

Print on Your Home Printer using popular Avery labels (not included)


We offer a wide selection of boxes, including book boxes, wardrobes, padded television crates and specialized packaging for your delicate items.


This low-tech but essential item keeps your packed goods packed. You can never have too much packing tape!

Protective Materials

Protect your goods with bubble wrap and packing paper. Keep your belongings and spaces damage-free with floor shields and quilted blankets.

The Little Things

Make your move a success with plastic wrap, dish dividers, and box cutters. We even have the permanent markers for your inventory lists.

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Dish Pack(Double-walled boxes for dishware/fragile items)$8.00
Wardrobe (purchase)w/ 2 ft hanging bar$20.00
Wardrobe (rent)w/ 2 ft hanging bar$10.00
Flat-screen TV Crate (purchase)for up to 42" TVs$30.00
Flat-screen TV Crate (purchase)for up to 60" TVs$50.00
Flat-screen TV Crate (rent)for up to 42" TVs (padding included)$20.00
Flat-screen TV Crate (rent)for up to 60" TVs (padding included)$25.00

Packing Supplies

Packing Tape6-pack$10.00
Packing Paper25lb Bundle$25.00
Shrink Wrap1 Roll$25.00
Moving Pads (purchase)1$18.00
Moving Pads (rent)12$100/30 days, prorated to $25/7 days after first month
Carpet Shield1 Roll$40.00

Package Specialsspecial

1-2 Bedroom Special

Retail: $120  Special: $95.00 (you save $25.00!)

6 – Book Boxes
6 – Medium Boxes
3 – Large Boxes
2 – Extra Large Boxes
2 – Dishpacks
6 – Pack of Tape
1 – Bundle Packing Paper

2-3 Bedroom Special

Retail: $218.00 Special: $175.00 (you save $43.00!)

10 – Book Boxes
10 – Medium Boxes
6 – Large Boxes
4 – Extra Large
3 – Dishpacks
2 – 6-Packs of Tape
2 – Bundles Packing Paper

3-4 Bedroom Special

Retail: $345.00 Special: $270.00 (you save $75.00!)

20 – Book Boxes
15 – Medium Boxes
10 – Large Boxes
5 – Extra Large Boxes
5 – Dish Packs
3 – 6-Packs of Tape
2 – Bundles Packing Paper
1 – Roll Shrink Wrap

FREE Delivery

Moving-supply orders over $200 get free delivery within a 10-mile radius of our warehouse. A $35 delivery charge applies to deliveries outside that area.

Looking for Packing Services?

The Mighty Movers provide full or partial packing services. Our skilled packers will ensure that all of your belongings get to your new home or commercial site undamaged.

Move with The Mighty Movers

When you move with us, you get a 50% discount on your purchased packing supplies.
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